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As a chiropractic student in his final clinical year things are not always bed of roses!

Many of you are scared about their future, sometimes demotivated about the course, preoccupied that your adjustment skills are still poor, concerned on how and if chiropractic really do work etc…

How do we know? Guess what? We have been there too!

This is primarily why our Chiropractic Missions have such an high quality services, value and organization behind it, making them possibly the best missions actually on the market!

By attending one of our chiropractic internship/mission trip you will make your fifth year in clinic an unforgettable experience that will allow you mostly to increase you adjustment skills and finally to really discover the magical power of chiropractic. After this Mission you will know for sure why you have decided to become a chiropractor and you will feel a lot more secure about yourself.

This small 3 weeks break from college will recharge your batteries and give you the strength and will to finish your studies and to become the best chiropractor ever!

As Dr. Del Bene writes in the magazine Pro Chiropractic # 22, in Nepal there is a real huge need for chiropractors or aspiring chiropractors. "Almost every Nepalese in the course of his/her life is obliged every day to carry by feet some heavy weights with a system of ropes and bands positioned on his/her forehead that heavily presses on the spinal column causing the crushing of the cervical and dorsal area resulting thus in painful headache and backache".




This type of experience will also allow you to:

  • Acquire some experience in a third world country
  • Acquire a major independence, be more open-minded and develop a faster and stronger spirit of adaptability
  • Improve the knowledge of one or more foreign languages
  • Know the diversity and the complexity of communication
  • Improve your competences about interpersonal relationships
  • Improve your problem-solving skills

In these 3 weeks you will have the chance to treat:

  • Infants
  • Kids
  • Adults
  • Geriatrics
  • Disable and Paraplegic people
  • People suffering from various types of deficit (autism, cerebral palsy, etc)
  • And a lot more (you never know what and who will come for treatments)


By doing an experience like this, you will be bound to respect other people’s view and condition without judging and keeping a professional attitude in every situation. A quote that I really do like is: “No matter how long you train someone to be brave, you never know if they are or not until something real happens.” This is exactly what you will experience in Nepal. No more theory, no more if, no more excuse… now it is time to play for real and this no Chiropractic Colleges will ever be able to give it to you in such a way!  

To visualise the mission trip cost, go on the main menu on top of the page and look under the "Pricing Table" section. Thanks.


Not for everyone!

Keep in mind that this type of experienced is not recommended for everyone. You will be faced with many challenges, you will discover a lot about yourself, you will have to adapt to many different situations and you will have to keep an opened mind at all time but if you do all those things…I do promise you one of the best time of your life!

Ready to Apply?

So, now the real question is, are you ready to join our team? If the answer is yes jump immediately on the APPLY page and do not think too much about the cost because the actual value of a trip like this is priceless!

Already Chiropractors wanted!

Experienced chiropractors in search of a new adrenaline boost are also more than welcome to join our mission trip and if they feel like it they can help us to train the students and share their working experience



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You are about to make the best learning experience you can possibly dream of.

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