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The art of massage is not only used in spa, fancy hotel and all the traditional conventional place you might think of purely has a relaxation technique.

In fact, some data taken from AMTA’s 2015 Massage Profession Research Report stated that in 2014, the primary reason consumers received a massage was for a medical or health reasons (pain relief, soreness/stiffness and recovery from injury).


Are you familiar with this type of massage?

Do you feel confident in treating people in real physical or mental pain?

If the answer is no then you are in the good place to learn!


By attending one of our health mission trips you will have the chance to work in close collaboration with chiropractors and physiotherapists and learn how those 3 professions can collaborate together for the patient benefit. In a mission trip like this you will discover the use of massage in a completely different way and it will provide you an experience that you will never forget!

For 3 weeks you will have the opportunity to treat kids, adults, handicaps people, people with various paralysis due to different reasons and a lot more.




In order to participate

you will have to be very adaptable, collaborative and good team players.

Most of the time you will have to massage extremities such as knees, arms and feet and occasionally massage the back with oil (only with man patients since it is not possible to undress the patients due to cultural difference and treatment place).

To visualise the mission trip cost, go on the main menu on top of the page and look under the "Pricing Table" section. Thanks.



Not for everyone!

Keep in mind that this type of experienced is not recommended for everyone. You will be faced with many challenges, you will discover a lot about yourself, you will have to adapt to many different situations and you will have to keep an opened mind at all time but if you do all those things…I do promise you one of the best time of your life!

Ready to Apply?

So, now the real question is, are you ready to join our team? If the answer is yes jump immediately on the APPLY page and do not think too much about the cost because the actual value of a trip like this is priceless!

Experienced Massage Therapist wanted!

You can also join the mission if you are an experienced massage therapist in search of a new adrenaline boost and help us train the novice.



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You are about to make the best learning experience you can possibly dream of.

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