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The Photographic Society of America defines a travel photo as an image that expresses the feeling of a time and place, portrays a land, its people, or a culture in its natural state, and has no geographical limitations.

Our travel and photography adventure mission trip are designed for you to learn tips and techniques improving your skills while enjoying exploring a beautiful and new places.

We all know that photography is not only about visual inspiration but rely a lot in understanding the story of a place, getting off the beaten path (tell your viewers something fresh and new. Share your own point of view of the place), being human and treat your subject as well as you can and learn (anything) by watching a master working.

This is exactly what our mission will offer you.




Our travel and photography adventure mission trip

consist in challenging the photographer in shooting a wide variety of subjects under varied available conditions, e.g. low light photography indoors, available ambient light photography for exteriors of buildings and monuments, shooting on the streets where sometimes conditions may be hostile, capturing moments which rarely recur, capturing the magic of light while shooting landscapes, etc. while living and understanding the hosting country.

Beeing in a foreign country for a short period of time is nice but not easy! The language is a barrier, knowing where to go, what to eat, where to sleep how to move, what to see and what to do require or a lot of previous organization or a very high sense of improvisation and adaptation.

This is why during our travel and photography adventure mission trip all the logistic part of the travel will be manage by our fantastic team and as a result you will only have to worry about learning as much as you can, shoot your photographies and enjoy your holiday.


Recommended equipment:

  • we suggest a reflex camera with 18 mm to 200 mm lens but everyone can use his own equipment
  • a daily camera backpack big enough to carry all your photography equipment (the back pack has to be adequate with protection, we will not be responsable for any equipment damage) 
  • a tripod and remote control 
  • a waterproof cover
  • Extra batteries and memories card
  • Flash



Example program*:

  • Day 1. Arrival in Kathmandu, small briefing and 2 hours lecture on street and architectural photography. Dinner and rest time.
  • Day 2. Morning visit to the Indu Temple Pashupatinath (photo shooting on architectural photography and portrait), lunch and afternoon visit to the biggest Asian Stupa "Bodnath"  photo shooting on architectural photography on sunset light)
  • Day 3. Morning sunrise at the Monkey Temple photo shooting on architectural photography and city panorama), lunch and afternoon photo shooting street photography in Kathmandu
  • Day 4. Departure by bus from Kathmandu to Pokhara. On arrival breefing and lecture on the past fiew days of photography.
  • Day 5. Small trek to Bindhya Basini Temple, lake photography, and visit to the Tibetan Refugee Camp
  • Day 6. Adventure jeep till Pothana Deurali or Sarangkot to photograph the sunrise on top of the Himalayan Chain, daily photography of the mountain and night photography.
  • Day 7. Lecture on photography and possible elicopter tour
  • Day 8. Travel from Pokhara to Chitwan National Park and on arrival lecture on animal photography
  • Day 9. Chitwan jungle activities (canoe ride, elephant breeding center, jeep safari)
  • Day 10. Chitwan jungle activities (elephant jungle walk and elephant bath) and afternoon lecture on portait
  • Day 11 Travel from Chitwan to Shaktikore, afternoon free photography session
  • Day 12. All day free session on photography portrait, rice field, people, animals and every day Nepali life in the rural area
  • Day 13. Departure from Shaktikore to Kathmandu and free afternoon to shop and relax
  • Day 14 Departure by flight and return back home

* This is just an example program. When applying you will have more informations about your trip.

To visualise the photography trip cost, go on the main menu on top of the page and look under the "Pricing Table" section. Thanks.


Not for everyone!

Keep in mind that this type of experienced is not recommended for everyone. You will be faced with many challenges, you will discover a lot about yourself, you will have to adapt to many different situations and you will have to keep an opened mind at all time but if you do all those things…I do promise you one of the best time of your life!

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