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Shaktikor Village
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Near Lumbini
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Near Lumbini
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Shaktikor Village




As a recently graduated physiotherapist it is not always that easy to find a job. The competition out there is massive and many people have a lot more experience than you.

So what can you do to differentiate yourself from everyone else if one of the major requirement for a job application is experience?

The answer is simple: join one of our mission trip!

With us you will be forced out of your comfort zone, you will have to rely on your intuition, you will have no access to fancy equipments and you will see a variety of different conditions.

Of course the work you will do in a third world country will be probably completely different from the type of job you will do back in your country but once the trip is over, your attitude will be different, the way you look at people will be changed and your self-confidence will be much higher.

If you master the basic the rest will come a lot more easily.

Moreover in our health mission trip you will have the chance to work in close collaboration with chiropractors and massage therapists and learn how those professions can collaborate together for the patient benefit. In addition, for once, you will feel very needy and your help will seriously be appreciated by the population since, for example in Nepal, the local healthcare system supports only 15% of the entire population.




In order to participate

in an “Into the World mission”, it is necessary to be able to think outside the box, to have good adaptation skills and to have lots of creativity.

In fact, in a poor country, where the resources are minimum or nonexistent, it is important to be able to invent exercises and therapies with the available material which will be far from what you are used to! In a third world country your physiotherapy skills will go back to the roots with no more expensive tools, fancy benches and the last generation of equipment... the only sure thing you will be able to rely only on your hands, your brain and your passion that you will share with other colleagues in an unusual environment.

Indeed, most of the time you will treat people who do not have money even to by shoes or people paralyzed for "unknown reason" since many years, because they have never seen a doctor in their life. Your guts instinct will be fundamental here!

One thing is sure, after an experience as this one, the way you see your profession and your career will change, YOU will change. Nothing will be the same anymore and at the end of the mission all that will probably help you to become a better healthcare professional with a true passion for his job!

Moreover, to take part in our physiotherapy internship it would be better to have a good knowledge of the English language in order to be involved and actively participate to the activities of the destination country. Into the World will help you to acquire a basic vocabulary of the Nepalese language, the pahari, spoken in Nepal, India and Buthan, so that you will be able to face different situations.

This experience will give you the chance to live together with the local population and know their customs and beliefs. You will be bound to respect other people’s view without judging and keeping a professional attitude in every situation. 

To visualise the mission trip cost, go on the main menu on top of the page and look under the "Pricing Table" section. Thanks.


Not for everyone!

Keep in mind that this type of experienced is not recommended for everyone. You will be faced with many challenges, you will discover a lot about yourself, you will have to adapt to many different situations and you will have to keep an opened mind at all time but if you do all those things…I do promise you one of the best time of your life!

Ready to Apply?

So, now the real question is, are you ready to join our team? If the answer is yes jump immediately on the APPLY page and do not think too much about the cost because the actual value of a trip like this is priceless!

Experienced Physiotherapist wanted!

You can also join the mission if you are an experienced physiotherapist in search of a new adrenaline boost and help us train the novice.



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You are about to make the best learning experience you can possibly dream of.

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