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Travelling by yourself can be scary. Travelling in a group can be boring and unpersonal. Backpacking in search of a big adventure can be time consuming. Travelling like everyone else is frustrating. So what to do? What do the market offers which is different? Into the World has find the solution for you: join our voluntrip!

With us you will have the opportunity to travel with a group of health care professional which are in Nepal to serve the remote rural community. 

This type of trip will give you the opportunity to see Nepal like no other tourist has ever done in only 3 weeks. You will get off the beaten track and you will live the real Nepal. 

The all transports, food, accommodation etc. will be taking care off by our organization leaving you the freedom and the liberty to make what you more feel like to do during the day. 

If you want, you can help our health team and do voluntary work, such as play with the kids, become the photographer of the group, make a documentary/reportage, baby sitting kids, teach the local something, help the doctors with some special disable patient, learn how to cook and help in the kitchen etc…(anything is possible in Nepal) or you can simply rest along the river side and enjoy the peace. 




Why travel with us!

Many people have always wanted to do and dream off doing voluntary work but for a reason or another it never happens. This is it, this is your chance!

With us, you will have the benefits of travelling in a group, do voluntary work and the freedom of backpacking all in the same combination.

Our trips always include as well the main tourist attraction of Nepal so you will not lose what everyone else do…you will only add a lot more fun and real adventure to it.

If you have always wanted to do a voluntary mission trip but you do not want to work for the all 3 weeks this is perfect for you!

In the past we have had many people who have had difficult time back home and they needed a break from the mundane, the stress and all the things that were galloping in their minds. They all came back refreshed and ready to start again. Sometimes we have to touch other reality to feel thankful of what we have and such an experience can really be helpful. 

To visualise the voluntrip cost, go on the main menu on top of the page and look under the "Pricing Table" section. Thanks.




Not for everyone!

Keep in mind that this type of experienced is not recommended for everyone. You will be faced with many challenges, you will discover a lot about yourself, you will have to adapt to many different situations and you will have to keep an opened mind at all time but if you do all those things…I do promise you one of the best time of your life!

Ready to Apply?

So, now the real question is, are you ready to join our team? If the answer is yes jump immediately on the APPLY page and do not think too much about the cost because the actual value of a trip like this is priceless!

Experienced Baby Sitter wanted!

Experienced Baby Sitter in search of a new adrenaline boost are more than welcome to join our mission trip and help us to create a nice, fun and cosy environment for all the kids who follow us around.



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You are about to make the best learning experience you can possibly dream of.

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