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Italian Wellness Solution srl is a company born to improve the lives of those who suffer from disabling health conditions.

Since the year 2000, Italian Wellness Solution srl has continued to grow, motivated by the desire to offer a better and wider range of high quality products. Our aim is to satisfy the healthcare product needs of our clients. We strive to constantly improve our company in order to be competitive in the market.

Italian Wellness Solution srl offers many products, all linked to health and wellbeing. The leaders of the company are 3 chiropractors and 2 non chiropractor members who are specialized in marketing and design. Four of them were international athletes in various sports (ski, snowboard and figure ice skating). They enjoy helping and educating athletes to better understand the risk of injury and injuries related to their specific sport to prevent them. This logical consequence has made the Italian Wellness Solution srl a very serious and competitive company.

In our products line you can find an enormous variety of orthopeadic pillow (all manufactured in Italy), thumper massager, medical equipment, gels and oils and much more.


Why Italian Wellness Solution has become an Into the World Sponsor?

Coralie Pellissier has become a business woman under the Italian Wellness Solution wings. During these years of partnership she learned what it takes to be a leader and how to create a winning enterprise.

In 2000, Italian Wellness Solution srl asked for financial support to launch the company, but the project was refused because it was seen as being too innovative and new… to narrow minds – a business risk!

Since then, Italian Wellness Solution srl changed its direction and decided to help young, motivated, innovative, fresh and passionate people achieve their goals.

This is why Italian Wellness Solution srl believes in dreams. The company believes in the young generation which still dreams of improving the world and making a positive impact despite the economic crisis which Europe is facing.

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