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Into the World has been created step by step by people who have an enormous travelling background and personal experiences on the field. They are all passionate about travelling, voluntary work, their jobs and most importantly the world itself. This is why we are so successful. Behind our organization you will find real people who have done those mission trips over and over again modifying and improving them constantly to be sure to reach the best quality service possible. Passion, love and humanity are everything. Without those three fundamental characteristics we will not have been able to accomplish everything we did so far. This is our strength and our key to success.



For several weeks our applicants work and socialize while travelling together in their free time. Write us if you would like to talk with other people who already joined our project. We will bring you into contact with our team.


Why us?

1. Experience - Our team is made up of people who have already taken part to projects tied to the international voluntary service. This is why they will give you practical advice on the basis of their personal background and will support you every moment during your experience. Do not forget that our team is almost entirely made up of young graduates who boast an excellent experience in the medical field and who can speak fluently foreign languages. Our staff has a notable academic education in different fields and its members made their internship as volunteers in your country of destination.

2. Flexibility - Every participant has his/her own personality, different skills and abilities, as well as personal wishes and aspirations. This is why we always personalize every journey depending on the applicant’s needs.

3. Training - Into the World guarantees a high-quality training experience to be added to your personal CV when you will be back home. How many people can boast a working experience in a third world country? Don't forget that an experience of internship abroad is always appreciated and positively evaluated by employers during recruitment. Join one of our internship mission program and you will enrich your CV with very important experiences and references.

This kind of experience will allow you to:

• Expand your horizons

• Improve your skills and abilities, which are highly valued during the selection of personnel (sense of responsibility, spirit of enterprise, perseverance, ability to work in a team, spirit of adaptability, intercultural communications)

• Learning how to face stressful and difficult situations

• Learning how to live within a different environment

• How to manage and face problems

• Improve the knowledge of a foreign language

All these characteristics are really important for your personal and professional growth.

4. Full immersion - Into the World will allow you to visit a third world country not only as a simple tourist: you will discover this area from a different point of view, with a total immersion in the customs of the country of destination. You will be given the chance to find out a new culture with its own philosophy and rhythms. You will overcome the diffused consumer approach to live an authentic and genuine experience. You will notice the hardships but also the dignity of the different populations. The experience of Into the World will be the right occasion to find yourself again through the contact with other people.

5. All inclusive - Into the World offers and guarantees a high-quality service. All the costs related to what happens once in the country are covered by your contribution (for more details, check the program you have chosen to apply for)

6. Support and safety measures - Your satisfaction and your safety are our priority. Into the World has a really operative network that guarantees the quality and the safety of the experience. We only operate in areas with stable political systems and we constantly check the recommendations of the Ministries of Foreign Affairs of the different European countries. Moreover, we dispose of additional information thanks to the presence of Into the World local staff in the country of destination, that undoubtedly boasts a deep knowledge of the situation of each area.

7. Qualified local staff - We have a different coordinator for each project; you will be given your personal coordinator who will organize your mission. Our staff's task is to follow the projects and the volunteers, organize your departure, receive you at the arrival and take care of you during your stay. Our staff can easily reach you and is at your disposal 24 hours a day 7 days a week for all the duration of your stay in Nepal.

8. A Network of people - Once in Nepal you will never be alone. In fact you can count on a network of local people and staff members coming from different parts of the world. Into the World recruits intentionally students or participants of different nationalities in order to make new friends and future colleagues.


Why Are We Different?

Simply because everything we do is based on personal experience. If we do not like something we change it and we are constantly searching ways to improve our missions. We are very demanding and severe in criticising ourselves and we constantly ask feedback from our participants. Listening is one of the key to success!

Quality Price Ratio

Our prices are very competitive. It might seems a lot but in reality it is a very good deal. We know the value of what we offer and we want to offer you a true quality service at the most reasonable price we can. Plus there are no hidden fees or unpleasant surprises once in Nepal. We are always very transparent in what is included and what isn't and we do maintain our promises at all times. 

Our Strenght

We have been in your position before and we do know what you like and what you don't. Plus we have passion, love and humanity. Without those three fundamental characteristics we will not have been able to accomplish everything we did so far. 



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