We have choose to become partner with Transferwise for several reasons: 

    1. We are tired of all the bank fees. Banks charge hidden fees when you send money abroad. With TransferWise you save up to 90%. Problem solved, money saved.
    2. It is fast and simple to use. Tap in how much and where to. Upload money, let the magic happen.
    3. 10 time lower cost. Banks charge 5% in hidden fees. People on TransferWise pay 0.5%.
    4. It is a well known and safe system to use. Sir Richard Branson invested in Transferwise, it is the winner of the Financial Time Boldness in Business 2014 Award and it is build from the people who built Skype.
    5. Every New Custommer that use Transferwise from our website will automatically create a 15£ donation to our Into the World Project. You save money and you support a good cause. A win win situation for everyone!

To check the prices of money transfer using Transferwise you only have to click the logo Transferwise below and you will have all your answer! Very simple and by doing it from our website any time you need to transfer money abroad you will help our project in Nepal.



Remember that if you transfer money using Transferwise from our website (only new custommers) 15£ will automatically goes to our Into the World project in Nepal! Spread the voice to all your family and friends and support a good cause while saving money. 

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