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Thumper is a canadian company whose purpose is to help people stay active. We conceptualize, engineer, and manufacture wellness

products that promote a drug-free healthy lifestyle. All of our products are designed to interact with the biomechanics of the human body and to promote its natural ability to heal. 

Hundreds of thousands of wellness professionals, competitive athletes, and active people around the world use Thumper percussive massagers to soothe aching muscles, release stress, improve circulation, and increase range of motion. 


Why Thumper has become an Into the World Supporter?

We believe that being a good corporate citizen means more than abiding by the rules and regulations of common business practice. As a successful company, we are blessed to be in a privileged position where we can contribute back to society.  Becoming a ‘Into the World’ partner is a great opportunity for Thumper Massager Inc. to get involved in helping people in need.  We truly believe that ‘Into the World’ Chiropractic volunteers will make a difference in improving the health of the people in Nepal.  As future Chiropractors that will be treating hundreds of patients in Nepal, the ‘Into the World’ Chiropractic volunteers will need to rely on high quality, effective tools to do their work. The Thumper massagers will help them to achieve their goals!

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